Title Manager

Title Manager is the most popular Joomla plugin to manage your page titles for better SEO.

Compatible with all supported Joomla versions!

With this plugin, you can display your site name in page titles with a lot of additional features for different needs.

Download Title Manager 3.0
Compatible with Joomla 2.5 Compatible with Joomla 3.0

You can also get the source code for this extension on Github

Title Manager


  • Use a custom site name leaving the default site name untouched for mails etc.
  • Use a special page title for your home page
  • Change the separator between site name and content titles
  • Choose where to display your site name. Before or after your content titles.


First, go to plugin manager after installion and publish “System - Title Manager”.

There are a few parameters you can use.
You can use alternative site name parameter if you don’t want to use the site name in Global Configuration.
For separator, you should use {s} instead of spaces in the beginning or the end of the string. This is to avoid trimming of these spaces.
All parameters are explained in the tooltips.